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Infinity Solution offer a variety of services in the area of web development from the design of your website, right through to hosting and promotion. We provide professional custom website design and development service. We can quickly create a custom website that will compliment your company and business.

When we use auto implemented properties in old vesion of c#, we must provide both get and set. If you want the property value should not be set, you can use the private accessor on the setter, With C# 6.0, you can now omit the set accessor to achieve true readonly auto implemented properties: #.. read more →

Ever since C# version 3 came around, we’ve had the ability to initialize collections like lists and dictionaries using the key value pairs are surrounded with curly braces. With C# 6.0 we can achieve the same result, using key value inside of square brackets and a sign of value using an equal sign. # Old.. read more →

With static members you don’t need an instance of an object to invoke a method, you just use the typename, a dot, a static method name, and apply parentheses and parameters. This feature allows us to access the static methods inside a class directly without speifying its class name. Usually we ue Convert.ToInt32 to convert.. read more →

In early version of c# if we want to set a default value for a property in a class, we do this in the constructor. In C# 6.0 using Auto-property initializers we can assign a default value for a property as part of the property declaration itself. # Old way  class Program { public Program().. read more →

You’ll not only benefit from a whole slew of new features but also from performance going through the roof! It’s getting faster and faster all the time! Since PHPNG was open sourced and later merged into PHP 7, its performance more than doubled in many cases, and we’re continuing to improve it all the time... read more →

As part of our ongoing commitment to help build an interoperable, secure web that “just works,” we’re excited to announce support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in Internet Explorer. This change can be previewed using Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and will come to Project Spartan in a later update. The.. read more →

What Can We Expect from Hackers? This cricket World Cup, we are expecting hackers to: 1. Send bulk emails to a large number of users all over the world. These emails will contain links to phishing and malicious websites. They may also contain attachments hiding malicious codes. 2. Create several fake websites that look like.. read more →

All these aspects caused us to rethink and change the approach of modelling the .NET platform moving forward. This resulted in the creation of .NET Core: .NET Core is a modular implementation that can be used in a wide variety of verticals, scaling from the data center to touch based devices, is available as open.. read more →

We recently published the articles Responsive Layouts, Today we are taking a look at responsive CSS frameworks that we feel are worth your consideration. Just like most CSS frameworks, all of the frameworks below will help you rapidly develop sites by eliminating the need to write basic CSS styles yourself, as you would expect. But,.. read more →

we will quickly convert your existing site to html5 format with w3.org validate codes.

Now it’s need to convert your existing site in HTML5 Codes, Most of search engine and devices are Compatible with HTML5 Codes, Also there is so many advantages with using HTML5. We can use HTML5 Video, Youtube, HTML5 Player, HTML5 MEDIA, HTML5 MICRO TAGS.etc…   read more →